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Custom motorcycle fabrication
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The Pedigree is an aggressive yet comfortable H-Bar that can sustain long rides without sacrificing that pissed off look.

Hood Rabbits

The Hood Rabbits are our most unique bars yet. Slap these on your bobber or old school bike to give your bike a truly custom look.


Our Tall T design has become both a shop and customer favorite. As our original inspiration, we have perfected these into the ultimate every day rider.



Our process


At the end of the day, we take pride in every product we design and build in our shop. Sourcing the best materials is paramount in making a great product. We build each bar with the same amount of care and detail as if it were being created for our own bikes. Each bar has been road tested to guarantee ultimate quality and comfort for our customers. This mentality ensures that you will always receive a top quality finished product. All of our bars are cut, welded, and powder coated in-house, while all of our steel is sourced locally.